About Us


Established in 2012 we have become a market leader in supplying custom made security doors and barrier doors to the residential and commercial sector. You now no longer have to pay retail price for a product that you can do it yourself.

We have fostered a relationship with the quality brand name Secureview and manufacture and supply there fantastic security doors and barrier door products.

WeSellDoors are looking to make your purchase as easy and care free as possible whilst cutting out the middle man to give you rock bottom prices without comprimising quality. In fact we think our quality is better than most of the so called retail door manufacturing companies.

Another winning formula is our delivery service, who else offers free deliveries for metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane within 15 working days!!

The website is designed to make it as easy as possible with a first for the industry in how to measure and install videos. It can't get any easier and for all you handymen out there you will now have more money to spend on other things with the savings from purchasing our products.

Good luck and i hope you enjoy the expierience that WeSellDoors offer.