How to Measure Your Door


When measuring your door way there are a few little things to take into consideration.

Firstly make sure you have a good tape measure and one that provides the actual dimensions of the tape measure itself. This will be shown on the underside of the tape measure or back. This is critical so you should write this measurement down as in order to get exact measurements you will need to lock the tape in position when taking down measurements and then adding the actual length of the tape measure cartridge to give you the exact measurement of your door way. 

Once you have taken the dimension make sure you fill out each individual box supplied on the measuring page, there is a wise old saying measure twice cut once, so go over measurements for each dimension box more than once. 

Handle height is also critical and it is best to be on the same side as the timber door handles so getting this measurement right is also a must. The measurement is always taken by standing on the outside of your house looking in. The handle will either be Left or Right hand side. 

Most handles go above your existing timber door handles. Measure from the bottom of the ground (sill) to the top of the timber door handle. This measurement will be the bottom of the security door lock body. 

You will need to double check the gap between the timber door and were the security door will close this is what we call the lock face a minimum of 38mm is required as the handles and disc cylinder protrude out 33 – 35mm from the actual door, this measurement is also critical with handle height dimensions as timber door handles and security door handles, if not measured correctly, they may collide causing the doors to hit each other. (refer to birds eye view diagram on measurement page, showing a timber door and its handles not pretruding past timber door stops.)

So again double check all measurements and even mark with a grey lead pencil were your lock height will be on the timber door to indicate were your security door handles will be. 

Also refer to locks pdf for measurements and depths of lock. 

Remember We Sell Doors takes no responsibility for incorrect measurements and if handles collide no refunds will be accepted so remember the golden rule.

Have fun measuring and measure twice cut once!!!